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It started with a hole in the wall.

Disclaimer:  I do have a daughter, of whom I’m extraordinarily proud of. She’s talented with words and images, and funny, and smart, and oh-my-gosh-beautiful. But I’m a slow thinker, so I’m still mulling over things that were said last weekend, … Continue reading

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Know When To Call It A Day

I make an effort to write everyday, or failing that, to work on the book every, single day.  I need to do that because I write complicated books, and writing is no longer a fluid activity for me. I’m not kidding. … Continue reading

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What does hell look like?

Ladies and Gentlemen–I present to you, my version of Hell. Finished? Okay, now I’ll explain. I am one of the lucky ones. My first novel won me a contest which led to Deidre Knight offering me representation. Then–Holy Hannah!–what followed … Continue reading

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The Horrible, Soul-Sucking Misery (and Joy) of Revision

Writing is revision. Some writers require less of it. Some more. I fall into the last category. I’ve rewritten, revised, added to, cut out and re-edited THE TROUBLE WITH FATE eight times to date. That’s high. But it was my … Continue reading

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Call me Niles

I wrote this last week, the day my computer blew up, and never posted it. (Fortunately, my m.s. was on the backup drive). Most of it still holds true, though the Bob Mayer blog is no longer his latest. You should … Continue reading

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All done except the laundry.

Well, I’m back from Bouchercon. I took a plane home on Sunday night–a punitively expensive direct flight. You’re looking for a summary, right? Well, first of all, Bouchercon is smaller than some of the cons I’ve attended. I like that. In my world, small … Continue reading

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Flap those wings, darlings.

My son is travelling to Asia today. He’s not going alone—as usual  he travels with his girlfriend—a young woman I absolutely adore. Sigh. I’m not happy about their choice of destination, because they’re heading to a place where the earth keeps rumbling. I’m afraid … Continue reading

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