I’ve lost you.

Dear blog follower,

I’ve lost you.

I’ll be honest: I just didn’t see it coming. Matter of fact, I was sick to discover that my new blog was not a skin over the old wordpress blog, but something separate, which means that your blog subscription can’t automatically be moved over to my new home on the web.

It sucks beyond suckitude. Why? Because when I sit at my desk and write these blogs, I’m writing to you.

Yes. You.

That person I’ve never met, but who clicked on “follow” some months ago and who checks my blog when they receive notice that I’ve posted something new.

And now, I’ve been informed that I must ask you to follow me over to my new blog and resubscribe all over again. I’ve been told that I should tell you that the site is new and improved and that you’ll find that invitation so damn exciting that you’ll go trotting over there, as happy as could be.

My mission statement in this wordpress blog has always been “Tell the truth” and I’m going to follow that vow all the way to the end.

The new site looks different. Very polished. And yes, the blog is wearing fancy new threads, but beneath it? It’s not going to be wildly different. It will still be me.

Talking to you.

I hope to see you over on the other side: http://leighevans.com/blog/ If I don’t then let me finish with this: thank you. Knowing that I wasn’t sending my blogs into an empty void meant more to me than I could possibly convey.

God bless and take care.


About Leigh Evans

Leigh's an urban fantasy writer, living in Southern Ontario.
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