Did she say giveaway?

Yes, I did! St. Martin’s Press and Goodreads have joined together to offer an awesome, awesome giveway!

That’s a lot of awesome. What’s up for grabs?

100 FREE copies of The Trouble With Fate,

that’s what.

Did she say free?


100 Winners will be randomly chosen from the Goodreads members who clicked on the “enter to win” button.

Inconceivable! Where is this magical button?

Go here:

Do you see it? It’s just to the right of that damn fine story blurb.

I saw it and clicked as directed. Now where’s my book?

You’ll have to wait to the end of the contest period to find out if you’re a winner. But seriously? Where’s the downside? One click, and you’re entered! (As have almost 200 people in less than 24 hours.)

Hurry up. Get your name in there!

Maybe you’ll be a winner!


About Leigh Evans

Leigh's an urban fantasy writer, living in Southern Ontario.
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