I’m in cover clover

Today, Pan Macmillan released the British cover for The Trouble With Fate on its Tor UK blog where my editor, Bella Pagan, revealed the artwork and said some rather blush-worthy things about my book.

However, I know some of you are reading this on your cellphone (if so, be kind to your neck and stretch it once and awhile, okay?), and the to-die-for Justin Bieber tune you just downloaded has put you dangerously close to your limit, so you’re not going to toddle over to that link above.

*Big Toothy Grin*  Lucky for you–Bella sent me a copy of the cover. You want to see it?  Just scroll down.

But first, the teaser: it’s gorgeous!  The hairs stood up on my arm when I saw it.


Simply brilliant, isn’t it? The artwork came from Tor UK’s design house. I’m very grateful to James Annal for this intriguing, elegant, and breath-catching lovely cover:-)


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