Cover, cover!

The Trouble With Fate

Well, here’s the good thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t able to talk about:  St. Martin’s Press has added another cover to THE TROUBLE WITH FATE.

Here’s the outside cover.

This is Merry. She is not just a piece of pretty hanging from a chain. If you had a magnifying glass, and she was amiable, you might be able to see her shadow in the middle of the stone.
But that’s not going to happen.
First off, she’s not her usual amber self. She’s very definitely flooded with red light and in my experience that means she’s annoyed.
You see, Merry is an Asrai with an attitude.

Now, what’s this nonsense about TWO covers?

Ah, it’s called a stepback. Stop and think for second. Have you ever passed a book where the outside cover is slightly narrower than average? And then you notice another cover slyly peeping beneath it?

Who can resist? You see a glint of something shiny and curiosity gets the best of you.

Come on, the cover whispers. Open me.

Well, if you did flick open the front cover of The Trouble with Fate, this is what you’d see.

I’d say something clever like “Meet Hedi Peacock,” but the copy writer at St. Martin’s Press beat me to it.
So, I’ll say this~
Aren’t homecomings grand?

So there you go.

That’s the Tale of Two Covers…oh, wait. I didn’t tell you the story of how that came about, did I? Well, that will have to wait for another day. Because right now, I’m working on the edits for Hedi Peacock’s next adventure…


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Leigh's an urban fantasy writer, living in Southern Ontario.
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7 Responses to Cover, cover!

  1. That is GORGEOUS!!!! Can’t wait for the book!!!

    • Leigh Evans says:

      Aw, Toni, thank you! I don’t know if you remember the night we met at Bouchercon and spent some time yapping in the lobby with some Merlot, but I do. Thinking back to that night? Hell, all I wanted to do was to finish a book. This is a bit of a surreal moment for me.

  2. Love, love, love it Leigh-Ann! It’s beautiful!

  3. Oh wow, that is a wonderful cover…Congrats..

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