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What does hell look like?

Ladies and Gentlemen–I present to you, my version of Hell. Finished? Okay, now I’ll explain. I am one of the lucky ones. My first novel won me a contest which led to Deidre Knight offering me representation. Then–Holy Hannah!–what followed … Continue reading

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It’s official.

I  stared out the window while Jeff, the back-guy, discretely checked the condition of my ass. A little moment of stunned silence.  Then my chiropractor let out a low, slow whistle through his teeth.  “That is a really deep bruise,” he said. “What … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Fate: a Mystwalker Novel

So, now that I’ve teased you guys with the Tale of Two Covers,  perhaps you’d like to know what the book is all about? Want a peek at the back blurbie stuff?  I HAVE TWO WORDS FOR WEREWOLVES: My name … Continue reading

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Cover, cover!

The Trouble With Fate Well, here’s the good thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t able to talk about:  St. Martin’s Press has added another cover to THE TROUBLE WITH FATE. Here’s the outside cover. Now, … Continue reading

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The Shower

It used to be I couldn’t take a shower without someone banging on the bathroom door. Even getting out of our shower was complicated–I had to knock on the acrylic glass door to give the snoozing short fat black dog a heads-up before … Continue reading

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Oh hell.

This was my life, post-cricket, on Thursday. This is 1:42 p.m. It took 2 minutes to saw through the bubble wrap on the package to reveal the annotated copy of Hedi Book 2 and THE NOTES. This is my life after getting past … Continue reading

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The cricket in the gold car.

Okay, I’ve been all Drama-Mama. Even I’M tired of it.  After the cumulation of this week’s woe, I was ready to spring back like a downtrodden dandelion. Given, that is, the right circumstances. First the exposition: we live in a type of neighbourhood … Continue reading

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