It’s a wrap.

Well, goodbye 2011, and hello 2012.

Here’s what I hope I’ll do in 2012 — Love, protect and respect my family and friends. Recognize beauty and value when I see it. Face every challenge with hope and optimism. Cherish that which is given to me by the grace of this universe. Step up to my talent and claim it. Strive for a balance between work and real life. Keep my sense of humour when I lose. Summon up a little grace when I am bested. Face the challenges ahead with courage. Ignore fear. Squash Envy. Endure difficult times, knowing that bad things usually will get better. Develop patience. Pass it forward when I can.

Here’s hoping… Best wishes to you and yours,



About Leigh Evans

Leigh's an urban fantasy writer, living in Southern Ontario.
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4 Responses to It’s a wrap.

  1. yelenacasale says:

    Happy New Year!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the post here:

  2. Ellie James says:

    Awesome post. Beautiful words. Terrific year ahead!

    Cannot wait to read your book.

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