Tell me about the 2nd book…

Today, I sent an email to a writer pal. She said I should make it into a blog post. Since I’m currently banging my head against the wall trying to write the last half of Hedi Untitled Book #2, I’m just going to give it to you, pretty much the way it was sent. She said I could. She also said, “Deep breaths, one page at a time. You can do this.”  I’m holding her to that.


To: Kristen Painter

From: Leigh

Subject: Tell me about…

 How horrible it was to write the 2nd book…

 Did you feel like:

 1)  You were a fraud.

2)  You were writing garbage.

3)  Your book was potentially crap, and no one including your sister (who’s inclined to be biased) will find it enjoyable.

4) You’re beginning to hate writing, because of points 1-3.

5)  That, despite the fact you have 75K and five months left on the deadline, you’re still going to submit late because everything is crap, and it’s going to take you fifteen years to make it better, or at least as good as that first book they’re all excited about. And then you’ll have no career because you’re late, or you’ve submitted a book that is substandard to the book you hooked them with.

6) OMG. What’s up with your writing? Where you always this slow? No, surely you’re much slower now? Or were you? You can’t remember. You should remember. Possibly this is the first signs of Alzheimer’s.

7) Why didn’t you write books 1-3 and then find a buyer. Why? Why?




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Leigh's an urban fantasy writer, living in Southern Ontario.
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3 Responses to Tell me about the 2nd book…

  1. It’s all true, and all a natural part of what we go through as writers. The good news? Book 3 is so much easier!

  2. B says:

    Let me put my math-loving brain to use for you since clearly you’re deep into the forest 🙂

    You have 75k, of let’s say 150k words for the sake of simplicity. That means that you have 75k words left to go.( As a purely self-serving reader I would suggest shag-scenes. They’re fun and they always get your author-mind… moving ;)). But nevertheless, back to the numbers. 75k in 5 months is 15k a month. If a month has roughly on average 30 days that means 500 words a day which is on average 20.8 words an hour. That’s 0.347 words a minute, which is practically like a syllable, which is practically like talking. And you can most definitely talk, can’t you?

    Hence, I heretofore concluded that you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. (Hopefully you’re smiling a little by now) Just let your inner Hedi come out. We’re all waiting with baited breath!

    Alternatively, I could also suggest a night of wine and good dining as the emotional bubble-bath for your overexerted writerly muscles.

    Keep writing!! And hang in there! We, your soon-to-be-rabid fans adore you!!

    • Leigh Evans says:

      Ah hah! I’ve got far less to go than that. 150K is epic fantasy! I write urban fantasy. Books can come in as low as 90K. My last came in well over 100 but far less than 150K.

      Sadly, red wine is no longer agreeing with my stomach. I’m hoping they’ll reconcile.

      Loved the math–made me snort my tea. You are too sweet!

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