A link to Barbara Vey’s Beyond her Book column


A friend notified me that my picture appeared in Barbara Vey’s blog Beyond Her Book. I’m thrilled, and thankful that Kristen Painter pulled me into it.

By the way, Barbara was absolutely right. It was sweltering in there. I spent an hour making like a tree under the cooling breeze streaming from a small window-insert air conditioner–trapped by the fact that I couldn’t take off my jacket.  Those rosy cheeks were not due to an over-enthusiastic hand with the blush pot.

Thank you Barbara!


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Leigh's an urban fantasy writer, living in Southern Ontario.
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3 Responses to A link to Barbara Vey’s Beyond her Book column

  1. The picture looks great..The whole event looked like a ton of fun..Sad I missed it…

  2. It was HOT, Savannah, and not in the good way. I should have made the rounds. I should have spoken to more people. I should have found a way of tripping Eloisa James, just so I could help her up and tell her how much I enjoyed her books.

    I didn’t do any of those things because all I could think of was, “help me, I’m melting.”

  3. Oh that is not fun…I know when I went to RT the first time it was like OMG….You are just tossed into it all and taken in by it so you miss out on so much…

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