One more thing to to learn.

Social media. If you’d asked me last year what that meant, I might have shrugged. Who cared? It seemed like a smarter idea to keep my head down, and concentrate on writing. I mean, what use is a platform if you haven’t got a marketable book?  So I wrote my novel, and as luck would have it, The Knight Agency found a home at St. Martin’s Press for an urban fantasy story about a girl who was neither beautiful or kickass.

And suddenly, I was an ‘author’. There was no escape. It was time to embrace social media.  

*Cue heavy sigh* I realize publicity depts don’t have enough staff to push debut writers like they once did, back in the day. I know that I must be prepared to do my share. But all of it–facebooking, tweeting, networking–they all eat time. And here’s one undeniable fact: I’m no spring chicken. 

Time’s precious to me.

I reasoned that there must be a way to do it more economically, and with that in mind, I registered for a continuing education course at the U of T, called “Building an Audience for Your Writing,” taught by award-winning Canadian political author, Terry Fallis

Whoah, so glad I did that.  Terry Fallis used social media to bring attention to his first book, The Best Laid Plans. It paid off. Big time. Since then, he’s published another called The High Road, and last week he signed a deal for a third. The guy knows his stuff. Tonight, he managed to teach media-resistant-me two new concepts: tags & categories.

Huh. You never know. I may just get the hang of this thing.

Next week: podcasting.


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Leigh's an urban fantasy writer, living in Southern Ontario.
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  1. S.R. says:

    Great website and congrats on the deal!

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